Custom Wrought Iron Fence & Gates – Perth

Get the Right Look, Style, and Strength for Your Fencing: Choose Custom Wrought Iron Fencing and Gates in Perth

Whether you are adding fencing for aesthetic and stylistic purposes, as a privacy barrier between your property and your neighbours or to ramp up the security of your property, you have many options. What type of fence should you get? How tall should it be? Where exactly you want it located? At Impact Wrought Iron, we proudly build and install custom wrought iron fences in Perth. We can take a lot of the complexity and uncertainty out of the fencing equation, giving you an ideal fence solution without the aggravations.

Common Mistakes People Make When Designing or Installing Fences

When you call Impact Wrought Iron for custom wrought iron fencing in Perth, you can expect nothing but the best service. We have been involved in this industry for more than 20 years and have customised gorgeous fencing solutions for many properties throughout the Perth area. Our experience means that we won’t make some of the common mistakes that homeowners, contractors, and less seasoned fence companies sometimes make.

Some of these mistakes include:

  • Not being conscious of property lines or utilities: This kind of error is most familiar with DIY fence installations. You could dig holes for your fence, and accidentally hit a utility line, or you build the entire enclosure only to find that part of it is just a few centimetres over your neighbour’s property line.
  • Not planning for the future: You get what you pay for with fencing. Fences made of cheap materials don’t stand the test of time. At Impact Wrought Iron, our wrought iron fencing in Perth is durable, corrosion resistant and built to last.
  • Not matching the fence to the house or property: Some fences just don’t complement the homes or properties they surround. If you have a contemporary home, a classic wooden fence just won’t look right. At Impact Wrought Iron, we build custom wrought iron fencing and custom wrought iron gates in Perth that are carefully crafted to suit the project at hand.

When you work with Impact Wrought Iron, you avoid the common pitfalls of fencing installation and get a stunning custom design.

The Perks of Customising Your Wrought Iron Fencing in Perth

Do you really need a custom wrought iron gate for your Perth property? You will ultimately need to answer that question for yourself. If you need convincing, though, consider these custom fencing perks:

  • They suit you and your home: Just like you have preferences for architectural styles, you probably have preferences for fence styles. Taking the time to get a custom fence design gives you a chance to explore these preferences.
  • They provide the security you want: Some fences are meant to show property lines and serve primarily visual purposes. Others are all about security. When you customise your fence, you can decide height, design and other security facets based on what will make you feel most comfortable.
  • You meet all your fencing needs at once: Whether you need a perimeter fence for your entire property or wrought iron infill fencing for your pool area, a custom design can meet all your needs at once.

Are you ready for a custom wrought iron fence in Perth? Call Impact Wrought Iron on 0408 900 351 to start planning your design today.