Wrought Iron Doors – Perth

Get Peace of Mind and Elegance at the Same Time, with Wrought Iron Doors in Perth

Whether your top concern is safety, aesthetics or even durability; wrought iron doors and gates are more than worth the cost of admission for outdoor applications. At Impact Wrought Iron, we’ve been designing, making and installing custom wrought iron doors in Perth since 1999. From decorative garden doors to powerful iron gates, our iron doors function exceptionally and have the longevity you need.

Some companies that specialise in wrought iron gates do so with security as their full point of focus. Such is not the case at Impact Wrought Iron. While we take safety and security seriously, and while we want our doors and gates to be tough enough to stand up to any threat, we also love the architectural side of what we do. A wrought iron door can be more than just a wrought iron door if it is crafted into an ornate design that matches perfectly with the architectural style of the client’s home. We take great care to ensure that all of the wrought iron doors we make in Perth hit this point of synergy, resulting in beautiful gates that add to the aesthetic beauty of homes while also offering extra protection.

Don’t believe that designing wrought iron doors and gates can be a genuine form of art? We invite you to view Impact Wrought Iron’s photo archive of past iron door or gate projects, to see how much we can do with heavy-duty metal and our passionate inspiration. Click here to browse the photos!