Wrought Iron Fencing

Our fencing can be custom designed to best suit your home.

Boutique design is our specialty and it is our years of skill and experience that can offer you a beautiful bespoke design or more contemporary solution which embodies the theme of your home.

Built from iron and other heavy gauge components you new fence will stand the test of time not only in strength and durability but quality design.

See our gallery below for some examples of our previous work or come into our studio for a consultation.

To find out more call Geoff on 0408 900 351.

“Our Wrought Iron Fencing and Gates surpass standard products – they stand alone in looks, longevity and strength.”

Security & Elegance is a difficult combination to achieve with fencing. Our Wrought Iron Fences and Gates surpass standard issue products – they stand alone in looks, longevity and strength.