Wrought Iron Security Gates, Screens & Grilles For Windows

Is Your Home Ready for a Security Upgrade? Add Wrought Iron Gates, Security Screens, and Security Grilles for Windows

Perhaps you recently had a break-in at your home and are feeling shook-up about it. Maybe there has been a spate of burglaries in the area lately. In any event, Impact Wrought Iron can help. We offer wrought iron security gates, wrought iron security screens, and wrought iron security grilles for windows. With our assistance, you can turn your home into a veritable stronghold—all without sacrificing aesthetics.

Problems You Can Solve with Wrought Iron Security Gates and Security Grilles

At Impact Wrought Iron, we like to think that we are in the business of solving problems. We are always thinking about how our products will help our clients. Beyond the obvious (such as added security and privacy), here are a few of the problems our wrought iron security installations might solve for you and your family:

  • High home insurance premiums: If you live in an area with moderate or high crime levels, your premiums are going to be higher just because of your proximity to all that. Installing wrought iron security screens or gating systems can reduce your home’s risk for theft, vandalism, and other crime. In turn, these installations can lower your insurance premiums.
  • Worry while travelling: It’s easy to feel like things are just fine with your home and property while you are there to look after everything. When you are travelling, though, doubts tend to creep in. With wrought iron grilles and other security systems protecting your home while you are gone, you can have more faith that everything is going to be okay.
  • Stylistic mismatches: What if your pool fence and your property fence don’t match? What if your wrought iron security screens don’t have the same style as your wrought iron balustrades? At Impact Wrought Iron, we can customise everything so that it matches and complements everything else.

No matter what problem or pain point you are trying to solve with your home security system, Impact Wrought Iron can find the optimal solution.

The Benefits of Working with Impact Wrought Iron Today

When it comes to hiring someone to install new gates, fences, or security grilles at your home, you want a problem solver who is going to go above and beyond on your behalf. At Impact Wrought Iron, we are absolutely that company. Here are a few benefits we bring to the table:

  • Industry Experience: We have been installing gates, wrought iron external balustrades and other home security staples for more than 20 years.
  • Low maintenance products: Our wrought iron portico gates and fences are built to stand the test of time. Resistant to the elements and not easily stained, our products require minimal maintenance on your part.
  • Customisation: By consulting a massive collection of wrought iron reference and pattern books, we can customise your fencing, gates, grilles, and balustrades to match virtually any stylistic preference.

Are you interested in working with Impact Wrought Iron? To learn more about our wrought iron security gates, screens, grilles, or fences, give us a call on 0408 900 351.